Rad Power Bikes now offers a new on-site service

The e-bike manufacturer provides bespoke service to customers after the online purchase

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Seattle/London, November 8 2022 - Customers can order e-bikes conveniently online and, if the need arises, gain access to local service partners. Rad Power Bikes offers its customers in the UK and across Europe an experienced service network. In this way, the company is responding to local needs from the Netherlands. According to a study by Deloitte, in the second half of the current decade, more e-bikes will be sold than conventional bicycles in the UK and EU.

In the UK, there are partnerships with workshops including Bath Outdoors and Fix Your Cycle. These are characterised by exceptional services that help to keep e-bikes and all their special features, with a deep knowledge of electrical components in good condition. Customer service and repairs take place as usual in a bicycle shop. Questions can be addressed directly here; professionals will be on hand to provide helpful advice and are guaranteed to find a solution for customers.

From B for battery to G for gear

Simply pumping up your tyres is not enough - a perfectly running e-bike needs more care than the occasional tyre pressure maintenance. The Rad Authorised Service Partners offer an all-round service for all e-bikes from the brand. This includes regular maintenance and extends to damage and warranty repair. So, if something on an e-bike does not run smoothly, the service partners are the right place to go for professional service. The warranty service, including labour, is free of charge to customers upon approval by Rad Power Bikes.

Those who prefer to have their e-bike assembled by a specialist dealer can book an appointment with the service partners of Rad Power Bikes. The bike is assembled by professionally trained hands, which makes it easier for customers to get started on the hobby and enjoy their first Rad Power Bikes ride worry-free.

Test drive prior to purchasing online

In addition to the services mentioned, there is also the option of taking a test ride on a Rad Power Bike. Experience first-hand how comfortable and safe “Fat Tires” are in action. The service partners ensure the test bikes are perfectly adjusted for riders, so that they can fully enjoy the ride. This is guaranteed to be the beginning of a special e-bike journey.

A helping hand

All service partners are professionally trained directly by Rad Power Bikes. Like any good dealership, only Rad Power Bikes tested and approved components are used. In this way, the best possible service is always guaranteed and customers can still enjoy driving years after their purchase and have a carefree path ahead of them.

The company continues to expand, more and more people are switching to a Rad Power Bike and becoming Rad Riders, so it is essential for Rad Power Bikes to grow its service partner fleet. More information on the registration process for potential service partners can be found here.

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About Rad Power Bikes

About Rad Power Bikes™: Rad Power Bikes is the largest ebike brand in North America, with a community of more than 600,000 riders. Founded in 2007, the company boasts a full lineup of affordable ebikes and accessories that are changing the way people and products ride for good. Rad’s team of passionate ebike enthusiasts creates products and service solutions that are purpose-built for everything, whether for commuting, adventuring, delivery, or hauling kids. The ebikes and accessories are all designed in-house at its Seattle headquarters. The company serves riders across the U.S. and Canada, and has ten RadRetail locations and more than 650 service network partners. Recognized by TIME, Fast Company, and Inc. as one of the most innovative and influential companies in 2021, Rad Power Bikes is on a mission to build a world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.

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