Electric Bike Pilots Show Sustainable Future in Europe

Rad Power Bikes announces collaboration with ELVITEN Project to improve urban transportation in Spain and Italy cities

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS - 25 June 2019 - Nearly 200 electric bikes from Rad Power Bikes are being deployed in three European cities through ELVITEN, a project demonstrating how electric light vehicles (EL-Vs) can improve mobility for urban travel and deliveries.

ELVITEN, part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program, is present in six cities (Malaga, Spain; Rome, Bari, and Genoa, Italy; Berlin, Germany; Trikala, Greece), each providing various forms of two, three, and four wheeled EL-Vs to select users. Rad Power Bikes’ flagship model, the RadRhino Electric Fat Bike, was chosen as a solution to the infrastructure and transportation challenges facing Malaga, Rome, and Bari. Over the next three years, the projects will showcase the ease and advantages of implementing EL-Vs while collecting rider data to inform future ebike programs and sustainable transportation initiatives in Europe. ELVITEN is the first large-scale collaboration for Rad Power Bikes in Europe, a U.S.-based direct to consumer ebike company with its European headquarters in Utrecht. Roll-out of the fleet is led by the brand’s commercial division, which is dedicated to providing zero-carbon emission and last-mile delivery solutions for businesses and organizations. Rad Power Bikes pioneered the L1e-A category of electric bikes in Europe, which are type approved to have more power and assistance than standard EU ebike models, and were sought out for ELVITEN because of its unique classification.

“Being part of ELVITEN is exactly why we launched a commercial division in Europe. We want to help move our world toward a greener future with ebikes that are specially designed to replace cars and other gas powered vehicles,” said Arno Saladin, European Business Director for Rad Power Bikes.

“This project is an important step in creating awareness for the advantages of EL-Vs and showing cities how to integrate new modes of transportation into their existing networks.” In Málaga, Spain, through the municipal company Promálaga, a network of 40 RadRhino electric bikes are deployed in the city centre, where most streets are not open to traffic. The ebikes will be loaned to city employees for two months as a commuting tool and last-mile solution to help reduce congestion."

For the city of Malaga, it is very important to us to take mobility a step forward,” said Francisco Salas, CEO of Promálaga. “Having bikes powered by an electric motor is helping us change people’s mindsets by giving them a better transportation experience.”

The Italian cities Rome and Bari are also utilizing the RadRhino in their ELVITEN demonstrations. In Rome, nearly 80 RadRhinos are available to citizens, tourists, and delivery personnel in a commuting area where there is almost no cycling infrastructure.

In Bari, one of the largest passenger hubs on the Adriatic Sea, tourists can use a fleet of 75 RadRhinos to travel around the city.

To get involved with ELVITEN, sign up to attend an EL-V demonstration and share #LetsGoElectric on social media. For more transportation solutions visit radpowerbikes.eu/pages/commercial.

About Rad Power Bikes

About Rad Power Bikes™: Rad Power Bikes is the largest ebike brand in North America, with a community of more than 600,000 riders. Founded in 2007, the company boasts a full lineup of affordable ebikes and accessories that are changing the way people and products ride for good. Rad’s team of passionate ebike enthusiasts creates products and service solutions that are purpose-built for everything, whether for commuting, adventuring, delivery, or hauling kids. The ebikes and accessories are all designed in-house at its Seattle headquarters. The company serves riders across the U.S. and Canada, and has ten RadRetail locations and more than 650 service network partners. Recognized by TIME, Fast Company, and Inc. as one of the most innovative and influential companies in 2021, Rad Power Bikes is on a mission to build a world where transportation is energy-efficient, enjoyable, and accessible to all.

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